Self-Rolling Sticky Mat: Adding Slap Bracelet Technology to Savasana

Remember slap bracelets from the 90s? Now apply the same concept to a yoga mat and BOOM. Enter, the world’s first ever self-rolling sticky mat.

Achieving that perfectly tight, après-class roll-up for your sticky mat can be frustrating. We’re right there with you — the last yogi in the studio wrestling our mats into straps or bags. Funny how something so trivial can cause post-Savasana angst. A little dramatic? OK, but admit it: the same mat that cushions and cradles you in Happy Baby Pose can also flop open, unreel, and get dirty. Basically, a big pain in the butt.

But thanks to Aaron Thornton and Yu Tsai, two Los Angeles-based yogis and entrepreneurial fitness buffs, consider that problem solved. Introducing the Yo Yo Mat, the brand-new mat that rolls itself up after your practice. Remember those slap bracelets from the 90s? Smack the strip on your arm and voilà, you’re wearing wrist candy. Then peel it off and fold out to stiffen in a straight line. Well, the Yo Yo Mat works the same way. Metal strips along the sides click to lock it flat when you unroll the top (colored) side up. When you’re done, flip it over and watch it curl up into a tight roll. Supposedly, the mat stays tucked, sans straps or bags. (Note: we haven’t tried it, yet.)

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WATCH: How the Yo Yo Mat Works


The Yo Yo Mat specs

Yo Yo Mat has a textured no-slip surface and a protective seal to ward off moisture, bacteria, and odor. At 6 feet long and 2.3 feet wide, it’s just a tad larger than most mats (due to the padding around the metal strips) and it’s 5.5mm thick to cushion your body from hard surfaces.


How to get a self-rolling yoga mat

Currently, Yo Yo Mat has $44,000 in funding to meet a $50,000 goal with 36 days left in the campaign. The retail cost when it hits shelves? $79 (competitive with leading yoga mat brands). Yo Yo Mats estimate first deliveries as soon as this November.

*Editor’s Note: Like all Kickstarter campaigns, results are not guaranteed until the goal is met. In the event that this campaign fails, you will receive a refund from Kickstarter. 

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