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Your September Yoga Astrology Forecast: How to Make the Most of Your Practice This Month

After a summer filled with retrogrades, eclipses, and supermoons, September is bringing an invitation to settle in—and make yourself useful. Here’s how to use what’s happening in the stars in your yoga practice.

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September is a transitional month, as the natural world shifts in preparation for the seasonal change from summer to fall. The fruits hang heavy on overgrown vines, ready to be harvested—so there is work to be done, but a slowing has also begun.

This month, there’s an invitation to take a deep and centering breath in order to fortify as you cast a reflective eye to the aftermath of summer’s excitement. In the same way you must process the literal fruits and vegetables grown from the alchemy of summer sun and rain, you’ll truly thrive and grow if you process the season’s emotional work, too.

If you’ve been awake and aware to your personal development, you’ll have plenty of evidence that the eclipses in July and August have pushed you to new extremes. If you’ve been shown some deep emotional insecurities, any secret desires to be more outspoken have accelerated—and hopefully discoveries about any complicity in any ugly things around you have pushed you to a state of self-examination. After all, taking personal responsibility for what you do, say, and feel makes you truly powerful.

Saturn went direct on September 6

As a result of this, you should have more support in integrating revelations into your everyday life, as Saturn comes out of retrograde and begins moving forward again. Retrograde periods mean revision, review, and rectification. So, over the past five months as Saturn has traveled backward in the sign of Capricorn, there’s a good chance you’ve been modifying your ideas of what standing in integrity really means.

It’s not enough to put in a small effort and expect a reward. It’s not enough to say you want change, but make no effort to realize it. Saturn has called you out on that kind of corner-cutting, and now that he goes direct, you’ll have the chance to prove what you’ve learned and practice being truly competent.

A new moon in Virgo happened on September 9

This Moon should be helping to solidify any obligations you’ve made to Saturn (and yourself). Virgo empowers through self-improvement, and new moons open us to our potential. So, if you haven’t done so already, this month is a great time to set goals that include being of service, and then take note of ambitions that include the promise of receiving something in return for your efforts. And may I offer a gentle reminder here that “giving to get” often puts you on a fast-track to feeling unappreciated.

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The Full Moon on September 24 is in Aries

With close connections to Chiron the Wounded Healer and Saturn (he’s still here!), this Full Moon gives you the opportunity to release fears around asserting yourself. The trick here is to know that being decisive and candid are good things that help your overall vitality, but also that you’ll need to reality-check yourself when it comes to your intentions. Sometimes, you might think you’re standing up for what you believe in—but when you go deeper, you’ll see you’re actually defending yourself or looking for approval.

If you find this happening, don’t criticize or condemn your motives. Explore them instead, and then make a conscious choice to do better next time. This is a learning process, and Pluto comes out of retrograde to support this very progression.

Pluto goes direct on September 30

Pluto directs us to examine our dark shadows and motives in regard to our built-in defenses during his retrograde journey. To that end, Pluto expects that you’ll make use of what you’ve learned over these last five months and use it to transform yourself. Change comes from a willingness to name your imperfections and see your unhealthy attachments to things like approval and being right.

In a nutshell, while September isn’t going to be so wild and crazy, it will likely challenge you to really dig in and continue to invest effort in your personal growth. The good news about all of this work is that it will be a useful labor of love, because like other work done in the fall, it serves to prepare us for the season to come.

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September Yoga Astrology: 2 Poses to Support You This Month

These restorative yoga poses invite the physical body to open and relax. They also remind us that we need to give to ourselves before expecting others to give to us, and help us to witness our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies opening with gratitude and abundance.

Allow these poses to support you in your seasonal transition. Consider practicing each for 5 minutes a day, for at least one week, without pushing or seeking any specific outcome other than to receive rest and open to the possibility of abundance.

Reclining Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

Reclining Bound Angle Pose Can Help You Ease Into Fall, According to Yoga Astrology.

Lie down on your back with your feet flat on the floor and your knees up toward the sky and take three deep breaths into your lower back. Imagine your inhale beginning at the small of your back and ending at your collarbones. As you exhale, envision your breath emptying from top to bottom, leaving your upper chest first and your lower back last. When you feel at ease, begin to let your knees slowly open and bring the soles of your feet together. If you find the stretch in your inner thighs distracting you from your breathing, place blocks under your knees for support.

If you’re distracted with racing thoughts about any changes in your life and you’re having a difficult time relaxing, place a blanket or two on your abdomen. If your neck feels strained, place a partially folded blanket under your head so your cervical spine stays in its natural alignment. Adding an eye pillow or scarf over your eyes may help your eyes settle and increase your inner vision.

Stay here for 10 slow, deep breaths, or for as long as 10 minutes. Use as many props as you need to fully relax and sense the space of your heart and hips opening as your eyes rest. When you’re ready to transition out of this pose, get up slowly, rolling first onto one side and pausing there as long as you need before coming up to a comfortable seat.

Savasana (Corpse Pose), variation

This Savasana Variation Can Help Anchor the Light Qualities of Summer and Fall, According to Yoga Astrology.

At the end of a practice or long day, or when you feel inspired to rest deeply, lie down on your belly. If possible, practice directly on the earth, or with just a blanket between you and the ground. Being in contact with nature helps to anchor the light qualities of both summer and fall, and of change itself. After all, change is movement—and stillness provides nourishment for change.

Once on your belly, turn your head to the right, placing your left ear on the ground. Support your neck with a blanket if needed. Bring your right arm out to the side and bend your elbow so that your upper arm points straight out from your shoulder and your forearm points up in the direction of your head, parallel to the length of your body, palm down to ground.

Bring your right knee out to the side as well so that your leg mirrors your arm. You may need a folded blanket or blocks under your knee and lower leg to get comfortable. Close your eyes or let them relax and settle softly. Stay here for up to 5 minutes, then switch sides.

If you feel overwhelmed or unsettled, consider imagining your breath entering you from every part of you exposed to the sky, and exiting through every part of you touching the ground. You might repeat a phrase or mantra that reinforces your intention to take personal responsibility for your actions and release your need to be right: “I am here, and I let go.”

When you are ready to transition, do so slowly. Press up and back to Child’s Pose and deepen your breathing, perhaps releasing your breath with an audible sigh. Pause in a seated position before moving on with the rest of your day.

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