Shift Your Perspective with Awareness

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The past is there and will stay there. The future hasn't yet arrived. All we have is now. Why not work on transforming this moment into possibility? This weekend, practice shifting your perspective:


If you watch your body, you are watching your mind. The second you begin to think about the past or future, you can feel a disturbance arise in your body. See if you can bring your thoughts into alignment with a more expansive or effective perspective.


Your words create vibrations inside you that are healing or degrading—and they also ripple out to resonate throughout the cosmos. Before you speak, pause, reflect deeply, and then ask yourself: Is this deeply, calmly true for me? Is this respectful? Is it necessary? Is it clear?


Whatever you spend time doing is important. Before you start something, ask yourself, Do I want to do this? Is this energizing for me? Does it move me in the direction of my ultimate goals? Will this use of my time serve others positively or will it negatively enable them? Will I feel empowered or disempowered after doing this?

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