Astrology: What Your Sign Says About Your Diet + Body Image

Do you find yourself heading to yoga class when you're upset or reaching for a box of cookies? What you eat and how you feel about your body is determined by your astrological chart, says astrologer Debra Silverman.

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Do you find yourself heading to yoga class when you’re upset or reaching for a box of cookies? What you eat and how you feel about your body is determined by your astrological chart, says Debra Silverman, yogi Seane Corn’s astrologer and the author of The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition.

“Your rising sign determines your body type. You have to know the time of your birth to know your rising sign, then consult an astrologer,” she explains. “The body never lies and that’s what astrology teaches us — the soul and the body are one and the same.”

Once you’ve figured out your rising sign, read Silverman’s descriptions of the signs or “elements” below, and see if it sounds like you.

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What Your Sign Says About Your Diet and Body Image

WATER: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Cancers are emotional eaters (think “comfort food”). When they get upset, they eat; when they’re happy, they eat. They tend to be a little rounder, but they have the best ability to gain physical strength. Cancers are the most likely to be muscular; they are the strongest sign in the zodiac. They tend to feel like they are overweight even if they’re not.

Scorpios are obsessed with food, alcohol, and chocolate. They are secret bingers and secret dieters and tend to be extreme: When they choose a diet (or a yoga practice), they do it completely. They tend to be a little overweight and feel they should be doing more to lose weight. They are overly critical of themselves.

Pisces are physically beautiful, women in particular, but they are prone to food and body image disorders when they are emotionally triggered. They are extremists: they can become overweight or super fit. When it comes to what they eat, they are very picky. They know exactly what they like and don’t like. They tend to not want to eat meat, because they are so sensitive.

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AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Geminis are high-strung. They can consume more than everybody else and stay slim. That said, they eat to live, rather than the other way around. Geminis feel sexy and have a good body image.

Libras are among the most physically attractive signs of the zodiac. They like they way they look, they just won’t tell you that. Libras know a lot about various diets, but they are whimsical and inconsistent — they will swing from one diet to the next. They tend to love sweets.

People with Aquarius as their rising sign are drawn to fad diets or eating the same thing over and over. They have the weirdest diet and weirdest appetite and eat on the weirdest schedule, like in the middle of the night. They tend to have a good body image and see themselves as sexy and unique.

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EARTH: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Tauruses tend to be fuller-figured beauties (think Adele). They are sugar-aholics—chocolate is their middle name. Tauruses are very sensual, physical eaters—they love meat. They’re very beautiful, but tend to suffer from body image issues.

Virgos like cleanses, raw food diets, juicing, and supplements, and they are experts on these topics. They are physically beautiful, but they never think they are. They are super into healthy food but secretly eat what they shouldn’t when no one is looking. They also like to tell other people what to eat.

Capricorns are naturally fit. They have a huge sense of responsibility around their diet — they tend to be vegetarian, or stick to organic meat. They are highly conscious about what they eat, and they have great discipline. Appearance is important to them. They pride themselves on how they look.

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FIRE: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Aries have a natural physical strength without working on it. They are the fastest to get in shape. Their ego is identified with their strength, and their lesson is to pay attention to the fun or joy of working out or practicing yoga, not the way they look in the mirror. They have a huge, voracious appetite and a fast metabolism. They can consume more than most other signs, but they also burn more calories than most. They are not picky eaters.

Leos are all about how they present themselves to others. If they’re going to make food, it’s going to be pretty. They tend to be on diets. They’re always about to change their weight. They like to eat anything. Leos have so much physical energy, they burn calories easily.

People with Sagittarius as their rising sign like to indulge. They eat more than anyone else, but they also exercise more. Their ego is tied less to how they look and more to how much fun they are having. They get into fad diets, but it lasts about week, then it’s over or they’re trying something new. When they’re not on a fad diet, they tend to be meat-and-potato people.

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