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This $30 Silk Pillowcase From Target Transformed My Hair

The hype is real.

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Thanks to my family genes, I inherited a very thick head of hair. Blow drying, highlighting, brushing—all of it takes much longer than any of those tasks should theoretically take. Yet, one of the biggest annoyances about my hair is its inability to retain the (very labor-intensive) work I put into it for multiple days. Regardless of what I do, I wake up with a frizzy and tangled head. So, when I started hearing a few of my friends mention their luck with the silk pillowcase from Target, I decided to give it a try. Could a silk pillowcase really be the solution to my bedhead hair?

This pillowcase, the Standard Silk Pillowcase from Target’s Casaluna Brand, is made of 100 percent silk—the key prerequisite to check for when purchasing a silk pillowcase—and, blessedly, it’s only $30. I’ll admit, I was skeptical. Was a $30 pillowcase really going to turn my head into silky smoothness? I had to test it out.

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The science of silk pillowcases

There’s a reason why so many people trade in their cotton pillowcases for silk. Hairstylists say silk pillowcases place less friction on your hair, which help you avoid hair damage and breakage. Additionally, when you sleep (or participate in a Netflix binge) on a silk pillowcase, you’re preventing moisture from escaping your hair (that’s a good thing!), which commonly occurs when sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. The more moisture your hair is able to retain, the higher the chance you’ll be able to maintain your styling from the previous day. Suddenly, your morning routine is so much shorter—or so they say.

In addition to supporting your hair health, silk pillowcases can also help your skin. Instead of your skin rubbing against the creases of a cotton pillowcase night after night, a smooth silk pillowcase can decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, like your hair, your skin will benefit from the ability to retain its moisture. Hydrated skin first thing in the morning? Yes, please.

So, did the silk pillowcase from Target live up to its hype?

The short of it? Yes, the silk pillowcase from Target improved my hair health in just a week. In order to do a *proper* evaluation, I kept my daily hair routine completely consistent: using way too much heat, the same shampoo and conditioner, and spending too much time playing with it while on Zoom calls. I noticed that on the days I chose to blow my hair out, the blowout stayed in good shape the following day—something that never happened when I slept on a cotton pillowcase. I also think it looked at least slightly shiner (my roommate did agree with me), and, overall, it just felt softer.

As for my skin, it’s harder to tell, since my skin’s appearance is tied to my sleep (which I have not been getting enough of) and the amount of water I drink (which I also have not consumed a lot of). However, overall, my skin did feel more hydrated in the morning.

Another unexpected benefit of the silk pillowcase was how much more I enjoyed sleeping on it, compared to my typical cotton pillowcase. It felt smooth on my skin, making me even more excited to get some shut eye every night. So, the silk pillowcase from Target? It definitely has a permanent spot on my bed.

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