How Socializing Leads To A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Have you ever thought that your relationships could make you live a green life? A study shows that socializing could lead to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
outdoor party

New research finds that upping your social life actually leads us to more eco-friendly behaviors. Cheers to a greener party.

Rallying the neighbors for a good old-fashioned block party can garner more than just a new chili recipe. It may inspire us to be kinder to Mother Earth, according to researchers at the University of Vermont. Their analysis of a national survey on Americans’ attitudes and behavior toward the environment in the journal Environment and Behavior concludes that socializing with neighbors may sway us toward greener behaviors, including reducing water and energy use at home and driving less. Because neighbors tend to have a blend of diverse backgrounds, they likely expose us to new ideas and information, which may naturally skew toward protecting our shared surroundings and cultivating sustainability, suggest the authors. Get out your paperless Evites!

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