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Here’s What a Sound Journey Is — And Why You Need to Try One

A sound journey harnesses the soundscape to encourage a connection to intuition. Here's how to practice this soothing ritual.

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Sound baths, which use song bowls and gongs to create a relaxing hum of vibrations, have long been used to induce a meditative state. A sound journey, on the other hand, harnesses the soundscape to encourage a connection to intuition, says Aja Daashuur, founder of Spirit House Collective, a spiritual community focused on creating a safe space for BIPOC practitioners in Eagle Rock, California. It’s the difference between allowing sound to wash over you and actively participating in mindful visualization stimulated by that sound, she adds. “Sound journeys are meant to connect us to our ancestors and spirit guides, to activate subconscious messages so that we can receive them without judgment.”

While the journeys are typically guided, you can go it alone, Daashuur says. Here’s how to design your own.

One week before the sound journey

Consider what you’d like to call into your life. Whatever that is, create an hour-long playlist of relaxing tracks that you associate with it. (Perhaps what emerges is a call for abundance, so you might choose tracks that feature ocean waves or heavy rain, for instance.) This will be the backdrop for your journey.

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Day of the sound journey

Gather items that make you feel special, such as scented candles, plush pillows, crystals energetically tied to your intention, a calming scent, or a beautiful notebook and pen. Use these to create a welcoming space for your journey to unfold.

Begin the journey

Get your playlist going and light your candle. Spritz your scent around the room or hold your crystals in silence. After a few moments, ground yourself with a simple visualization that connects you to the earth through the crown chakra. Start by imagining roots stretching from the base of your spine deep into the ground, reaching out and into Mother Earth’s energy and the unconditional love it offers.

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Once rooted, settle into a comfortable, meditative pose, either seated or lying down. Allow your mind to wander, then consider the theme that emerged during your reflection the week before, and envision something that relates to it. In the abundance example, that might be a treasure chest. Explore that vision in your mind’s eye. What do you notice?

“Allow your journey to continue to unfold,” Daashuur says. “There’s no wrong way to do this. You’re activating a psychic muscle, and it grows stronger over time.” Get curious, making a mental note of whatever stands out without removing yourself from the moment. And then—explore. Take the whole hour in this mental playground, staying present in the visualization.

At the end of your playlist, flutter your eyes open and take a few minutes to sit with everything that came up, both during the journey and in the moments after, writing down stream-of-conscious thoughts in your notebook.

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