Sprouting 101

Most seeds (and grains) take two to seven days to sprout but require very little work on your part.

For smaller seeds, such as alfalfa, broccoli, and radish, you'll need to use two tablespoons to grow enough sprouts that will, in a few days, fill a quart jar. For beans, grains, and other large seeds, you may need to use as much as two cups.

Rinse seeds well and place in a sprouter or jar that has a mesh top. Cover them with plenty of water and let them soak 8 hours (for small seeds) or 12 hours (for larger ones). Drain well.

Follow the instructions for your sprouter and place it in the open air, out of direct sunlight. Let jar sprouters stand upside down so that moisture can continue to drain out. Rinse and drain well ever 8 to 12 hours until sprouts have reached the desired size.

After their final rinse, dry the sprouts at room temperature before eating them. If they are refrigerated and stored in a clean container or plastic bag that allows some air circulation, the sprouts should keep for three to seven days.