The 10 Most Life-Changing Things Yoga Teachers Have Ever Said to Me

Sometimes, your yoga teacher gets it completely right.
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I’m going to tell it to you straight: Some days in yoga class, whatever the instructor is spouting off can sound like complete mumbo jumbo, despite his or her best intentions (for example, I still have no idea what my third eye center is). Other times, my teacher might be telling me something brilliant, but I’m not in the right headspace—and I tune it out and focus on whatever I've decided is more important at the time (like a run down of my to-do list, or the million ways I could have done a project better).

But then there are times when not only am I completely attuned to my practice, but also to what the instructor is trying to share. And sometimes, the teacher says exactly what I need to hear, at exactly the right time for me to hear it. The stars are aligned, and I feel that thing you're supposed to feel when you're seeking out a meditative practice: peace, understanding, and acceptance. These are the moments when it really does feel like my yoga practice allows the kind of transcendence I crave when I roll out my mat. 

Looking for inspiration? Here are the 10 most powerful, life-changing things yoga teachers have ever said to me. 

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The 10 Most Life-Changing Things Yoga Teachers Have Ever Said to Me