The Best Smart Jewelry

Smart, fashionable ways to track your fitness, if you're over watches.

Smart jewelry pieces are a fun alternative to Fitbits or Apple Watches. They are stylish and have a variety of functions. Most will vibrate when you get a phone notification so that you can enjoy your yoga class without worrying about checking your phone. Many will track your heart rate, steps, and calories as well. If you’re trying to step up your wellness game (or if you’re just curious!), check out our guide to the best smart jewelry out there.

Most Fashionable: Bellabeat Leaf Smart Jewelry


If you’re looking for jewelry as cute as it is smart, look no further than Bellabeat’s Leaf. Available in six colors, the Leaf can be worn as a bracelet or necklace to easily compliment your outfit whether you’re in a hot yoga class or out for dinner with your bae. And all the while, it will be tracking your steps, calories, and sleep patterns. If you use the app, you can even track your menstrual cycle and stress levels or download free meditation sessions to center yourself before class. Best of all, no need to charge. Ding: The battery will need to be replaced every six months. $113; Buy Now.

Best Disguised: SHAREMORE Multifunction Smart Jewelry


Most smart jewelry (with the notable exception of smart watches) tries to hide its brains behind trendy designs. This line of jewelry from SHAREMORE certainly does that; you’d never guess that these six cute, thin necklaces and bracelets are smart devices. You can set them to vibrate when you receive notifications so you don’t need to worry about keeping your phone on you during class. You can also use it to take selfies and send a call to friends, family, or 911 with your location in an emergency. Ding: Requires charging once a week for 50 minutes. $50; Buy Now.

Best Customization: Fossil Women’s Hybrid Smartwatch


Fossil’s hybrid smartwatches take the timeless look of a normal analog watch and loads them with tons of smart customization options. This watch will count your steps and will vibrate when you get a notification. You can assign its buttons to adjust your music volume, skip tracks, take a photo, make your phone ping, and more. You can even set the hand on the watch face to move to a preset position to show who is calling/texting you. And it’s also customizable on the outside; this model is available in 10 colors and has swappable straps. Ding: While the battery does not need to be charged, it will need to be replaced every six months. $99; Buy Now.

Best Smart Ring: Motiv Ring Activity Monitor


If you’re interested in an activity monitor that is small and will easily go unnoticed, this is the perfect pick for you. It’s small, sleek, and lighter than a penny. And no worries if you don’t know your ring size; Amazon will send you a sizing kit first so you can rest assured that you have the right size. These rings (available in silver, rose gold, and black) will track your sleep, heart rate, activity, calories, and steps. And you can use the app to track progress on your daily and weekly goals. Ding: You will need to recharge this ring every three days for 90 minutes. $195; Buy Now.