The Forgotten Body: A Way of Knowing and Understanding Self

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The Forgotten Body: A Way of Knowing and Understanding Self, by Elissa Cobb. Satya House Publications;

The body has a lot to communicate, according to Elissa Cobb, and if you listen, it can reveal awareness of your true nature and help you discover the wisdom inside. Cobb is a co-director of Phoenix Rising Yoga Center, which offers one-on-one therapy sessions that incorporate contemporary psychology, asana, Pranayama, and meditation in order to expand presence, awareness, and deeper connection with the Self. With The Forgotten Body, Cobb shares her own journey into embodiment, using anecdotes and journal entries to document her path to self-realization.

With guided meditations, visualizations, and journaling exercises, Cobb empowers readers to recognize the union of body and mind to begin the process of self-inquiry.