The Yoga Teacher

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The Yoga Teacher, by Alexandra Gray. Atlantic Monthly Press;

At first glance, Grace has it all: a good job, a nice house, money, and a boyfriend to swoon over. It turns out that the boyfriend is a dreamer and a schemer. Her job as a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company is increasingly at odds with her yoga practice, and issues from her past resurface to throw her into emotional turmoil.

With the realization that yoga is her only constant, Grace quits her job and boyfriend and enrolls in a teacher training program. She begins teaching free classes because a studio owner, one Swami P, convinces her that's her karma yoga. But the real comedy in this satire comes when Grace gives private lessons to London's rich and famous between their affairs and shopping sprees. All kidding aside, Gray deals with issues many can relate to: depression, addiction, codependency, and complacency.