Tias Little on Reading and Yoga


"People who are interested in the practice don't read enough," says Santa Fe yoga teacher Tias Little. "A whole arm of the system of the yoga practice is svadhyaya, or self-study, but people get so hooked into the physical practice." Little says the diverse selection of books he dives into daily fuels and deepens his own yoga study.

Recently Little's nose has been buried in David Gorman's The Body Moveable, a thick anatomy book with detailed illustrations and extensive written descriptions; Thomas Hanna's Somatics, an exploration of movement and the human body; and Hugh Milne's The Heart of Listening, which he says "makes cranio-sacral work really accessible for people who don't study it or practice it."

An avid student of Eastern literature and philosophy, Little also recommends Heinrich Zimmer's accessible Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization. And he often returns to the poetry of
Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry, whose poems he says "really lend themselves to reflection and meditation."

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