Tina Malia & Shimshai: Jaya Bhagavan

Amida Records;

The soft vocals of Shimshai and the sirenlike singing of Tina Malia combine to produce a sound that’s both captivating and heartening. On Jaya Bhagavan these two vocalists and multi-instrumentalists collaborate on a seven-track organic homage to ancient melodies and mantras. The all-acoustic creation features gentle guitars, bass, and a mosaic of African and Middle Eastern percussion, violin, oud, sitara, kalimba, dotar, ney, and more. Guests include Jai Uttal, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and members of Yair Dalal and Hamsa Lila. The multifaceted textures they provide are fresh and unassuming. From the folksy “Hara Mahadeva” and the conga-friendly “Sarva Mangala” to the serene “Jaya Bhagavan,” the album is an appropriate accompaniment to a yoga practice.