Tom Rossi: Salma Har


Ajna Music;

African, South American, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean sounds unite in a celebration of rhythm, harmony, and tradition on Tom Rossi's debut, Salma Har. Influenced by everything from West African voodoo ceremonies and master percussive teachings in Ghana, to expeditions throughout Brazil, Cuba, and Turkey, Rossi skillfully uses a wide array of global instruments to showcase his absorption of international music. Recorded in his Brooklyn basement studio, Rossi plays more than 20 instruments—including the kalimba, flutes, percussion, piano, and various guitars—while receiving help from specialists on the kora, bolon, and cello. The sounds oscillate between poignant wind tones, silky vocals, gentle raindrop rhythms, and addictive beats. Subtly invigorating, Salma Har opens like the dawning day with progressive hip-shaking tribal beats on "Oiseau," the first track, and slowly reaches peaceful twilight with the hypnotic closing tracks, "Resolutions" and "D Meditation."