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YJ Tried It: Top Trends of the Past Decade

From the wacky to the wild, our editors and contributors tried a lot of strange trends this past decade so you don't have to.
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Ask anybody at Yoga Journal and our YJ Tried It column stands out as a favorite. We encourage readers to get out of their comfort zones, and participating in new trends is one way to open your heart to curiosity. Some things we loved and continue to practice, like ecstatic dance and ASMR meditation. Others, we can live without (we're looking at you, cold exposure). In the end, every new experience expanded our horizons, and we're grateful to have had the opportunity to cover them. 

For this new decade, we challenge you to embrace the spirit of YJ Tried It in your own lives. Go to that new studio that opened up down the street; attend an event hosted by a community that you've never interacted with before; sit through a lecture on a topic that you haven't heard of. Get excited by the unknown and continue to grow. 

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