Chicago Airport Adds Yoga Room

Just in time for the holiday travel rush, and adding to the list of airports offering a more blissful layover, Chicago O'Hare has opened its Yoga Room in Terminal 3.

The next time you have a layover at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport you can check your yoga mat. Just in time for holiday travel, the airport opened a yoga room, complete with mats and disinfectant wipes for the estimated 67 million travelers who pass through each year.

“We’ve essentially created an urban oasis at the airport,” Rosemarie Andolino, commissioner of the Chicago Department of Aviation recently told the Chicago Tribune.

The yoga room, which is free to all travelers, features bamboo flooring, natural light, and a television that plays “calming music to peaceful scenes.” Is a part of green and healthy theme in the rotunda at Terminal 3: There is already an urban garden onsite where vegetables are grown for use in the airport restaurants and market.

The yoga room at O’Hare is part of a growing trend. San Francisco International Airport opened a yoga room last year followed by the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and Burlington International Airport in Burlington, Vermont.

Now, if they could just offer a little more legroom so we could stretch out more on the planes, it would be a dream come true. Have you ever used an airport yoga room?