3 Tips to Relax and Recharge this Spring in Caribbean Style

Get a taste of the luxury resort and its “don’t worry, be happy” vibe with their experts’ tips

In a serene, white-sand cove on Antigua’s southern coast, Carlisle Bay Antigua blends Caribbean elegance with a laid-back atmosphere. Get a taste of the luxury resort and its “don’t worry, be happy” vibe with their experts’ tips to help you relax and recharge.

1. Eat fish for breakfast.

Unless you’re a bagel-and-lox lover, seafood before noon may sound unappealing. But executive chef Lisa Sellers says fish can make for a tasty morning meal. “And it’s filled with healthy fats and protein, which will keep you full for hours,” she says. For a burst of island flavor, poach a piece of white fish (such as sustainably farmed barramundi) in a pot of coconut milk with a few sprigs of lemongrass and a dash of five spice powder. Serve on a toasted English muffin and top with a poached egg and a teaspoon of fruit chutney.

2. Enjoy a pre-bath meditation ritual.

There’s something ultimately soothing about the sound of water, says spa manager Michelle Plummer, which is why the resort offers guided meditations at a secluded cove. Re-create this experience before a bath: While the tub fills, sit in your bathroom and simply breathe as you listen to the running water. “Notice how the sound of the water encourages you to relax, helping you feel an increasing sense of peace and ease—which will likely lead to an even more relaxing soak,” says Plummer.

3. Stay on island time.

It’s easy to embrace a chilled-out, anything-goes attitude when you’re on vacation—but then slip right back into your busy-bee ways once you get home. However, general manager John Rogers says it is possible to maintain an “island time” mindset in your daily life by adopting a regular gratitude practice. When you start to feel stress creep in, name five things that help you enjoy life. “Taking just a few moments to recognize the blessings you have is an antidote to the worries and stresses that can bring us down, if we let them,” Rogers says.

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