4 Ways to Stay Present While Traveling

How to make every trip an inner pilgrimage.

1. Set an intention, lose the itinerary Commit to staying open during your journey, regardless of what happens. An agenda represents control, which isn’t always possible. Travel guide Elizabeth Medgyesy goes to New York City without knowing where she’ll stay or what she’ll do. Openness to novel experiences lets you attain spiritual insights, she says.

2. Commune with locals Take a crowded bus, talk with people, observe, learn about local customs and culture. When you talk with people, you get to see how diverse the human race is and how we’re all connected.

3. Get quiet Your internal experience affects how you see another land. Reserve time for your practice. Pack travel candles, inspirational texts, a picture of a loved one— even a travel altar—so you can reflect and connect with your essential Self.

4. Go with the flow Turn travel hassles into opportunities. When Phoenix, Arizona, yoga instructor Desirée Rumbaugh had a 10-hour stop in Los Angeles, she met up with a friend she hadn’t seen in years, finding a way to nurture an important connection. The point of travel is to enjoy your time wherever you are.