Find Solitude + Serenity in Carmel Valley, California

Find solitude with Buddhist monks in Tassajara Zen Mountain Center.

Find solitude with Buddhist monks in Tassajara Zen Mountain Center.

As I lowered myself into the steaming-hot mineral springs on my first night at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, I breathed a deep sigh of gratitude. Carving out a four-day escape from my routine as a working mom with a rambunctious toddler hadn’t been easy, but after just six rejuvenating hours of hiking, restorative yoga, and meditation in the Ventana Wilderness southeast of Big Sur, I could already feel a sense of stillness settling deep into my bones.

Part of the magic of Tassajara lies in its remoteness. Reaching the almost-
50-year-old Zen Buddhist monastery, which welcomes guests from April through September for a series of meditative retreats, requires traversing a single-lane dirt road along mountain ridges. The monk who shuttled me in a Chevy Suburban called the route “kryptonite to brake pads.” And once you arrive, there’s no cell-phone service, while kerosene lamps quaintly light the cabins.

Over the next few days, my sense of complete immersion in my natural surroundings intensified. The retreat I attended included a mix of Iyengar-inspired yoga, guided meditation, and dharma talks, as well as free time for skinny-dipping in mountain streams, soaking in Japanese-style bathhouses, and lounging poolside.

At the retreat’s end, after the same monk who’d brought me to Tassajara drove me back to the lot where I’d left my car, I paused in the driver’s seat of my car to revel in one more moment of stillness. I was ready to go home and throw my arms around my husband and child, but also certain that taking this interlude just for myself was the best thing I could have done—for all of us.

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