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Try the New Trend: Indoor SUP Yoga Classes

Devotees of standup paddle can now find indoor SUP yoga classes using stationary boards in place of your mat.
Indoor SUP Yoga Stand Up Paddleboard Indoboard Surfset

Devotees of standup paddleboard (SUP) yoga no longer have to abandon the board in winter. Studios and gyms across North America are offering indoor SUP classes that supply stationary boards as your base instead of mats, with at least 125 locations in the United States and Canada, and another 85 in the works for next year.

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Why Try SUP Yoga Indoors?

“By working on an unstable surface, you’re strengthening your core and all of the stabilization muscles that you don’t use as much in a regular yoga class,” says Kimberly Trefilek, a Surfset Fitness indoor-SUP teacher and owner of Moirai Health and Fitness in Chicago.

Where to Find Indoor SUP Yoga

Go to or to find classes in your area.

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