9 Ultra-Luxe Yoga Retreats We Can at Least Dream About

We compiled a list of 9 drool-worthy yoga getaways that seem to offer it all. While out of most of our budgets, we can still dream, right? Here’s your personal invitation to get lost in fantasyland with these indulgent retreats from around the world.
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We’re taking the #treatyourself trend to a whole other level. Yoga retreats are an opportunity to take your practice off of the mat and into the jungle, onto the beach, or even onto a sailboat! There is so much value in stepping out of your comfort zone, traveling to a new place, and deepening your yoga knowledge.

If you’re one of those yogis who likes to vacation in luxury, though, you’re in luck. Not all yoga retreats are done dorm-room style. In fact, the following high-end getaways offering everything from catered organic, farm-to-table meals overlooking the French Riviera to 28-day health immersions should be inspiration enough to start saving or at least get lost in your daydreams.