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We Tried It! Kulae’s Elite Hot Yoga Mat

An innovation in yoga mat technology wins big with our editor.

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We love hot yoga as much as the next yogi, but there’s always that mat issue. Even the stickiest yoga mats don’t hold up to the intense sweat shower that can rain down, and while mat towels are helpful, they can present a tangled hazard after a particularly robust vinyasa session.

So we were intrigued by the promise of Kulae’s Elite Hot Hybrid Yoga Mat: a yoga mat that combines the function and support of a traditional mat with the absorbability of the thirstiest towel.

The test: Eco? Made of ECO PER and bamboo. Check. Good for hot yoga? Four classes and no slippage. Check. Easy to clean? Hello! Put it in the washing machine and hang dry? Double check!

The verdict: It seems that Kulae has done the unimaginable: Created a good-for-the-planet, slip-proof yoga mat that you can clean with ease. No more dragging our stinky mat into the shower (oops, did we admit that?)? Check. $88