What Is the Goddess Yoga Project?

Discover your inner deity as you deepen your physical, mental, and spiritual practice with knowledge of mythic feminine power with master yoga teacher Sianna Sherman.


Sianna Sherman is on a quest to help every woman discover her inner deity. Deepen your physical, mental, and spiritual practice with knowledge of mythic feminine power in Sianna’s four-session Goddess Yoga Project online course. Sign up now to join @yogajournal and @siannasherman using #YJGoddessProject to create an inspiring female collective, sharing experiences in real time.

Every woman has inherent feminine grace and power and every woman is a holy vessel of the Goddess energy. Yoga teaches that the creative energy of the Universe is a feminine power called shakti. In a world that often denies or rejects feminine power, it is time to do the necessary work to reclaim the shakti that lies within each of us—men and women and alike. Enter the Goddess Yoga Project.

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Discover the Power of Your Inner Goddess Energy

As you begin to do this work, the Goddess energy can make a dramatic entry into your life that demands your full attention. She may rush forth into your field of consciousness. Or she may rise within you like a peaceful sunrise that opens you to a new way of embracing life. Regardless, as you begin to reassemble yourself through her stories, images, songs, rituals, and mantras, the wounded places in your own psyche begin to heal and you realize that indeed you are a sacred form of the Goddess. Her powers are endless and her forms infinite. She wields every weapon necessary to defeat the demons of shame, guilt, betrayal, unworthiness, blame, victimhood, greed, arrogance, anger, separation—anything which limits your from being the full expression of your own juicy, creative nature.

On my first trip to India in my early twenties, I encountered the fierce forms of the Goddess known as Durga and Kali. They were terrifying and outrageous to me. I didn’t know how to connect with them and I was deeply wounded in my female body. Shame and guilt lived within me from sexual abuse, and I didn’t know how to heal myself. The fearsome goddesses magnetically drew me to them and yet I was so afraid of them. In truth, I was afraid of my own power. Upon my return from India, stories of the Goddesses were my what brought me back to wholeness once again.

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How Your Goddess Nature Reveals Itself

If you haven’t encountered your own Goddess energy yet, watch for these signs that a Goddess is calling you.

  • Urgency to speak your truth with radical honesty
  • Agitation at the social injustice of the world
  • Escalation of vivid and emotional dreams
  • Dreams with water, fire, snakes, underworlds, lovers, and spirit allies
  • Unexpected circumstances leave you with uncertainty
  • Desire to fall in love with your whole self
  • Sexual arousal and creative energy stirring within you
  • Craving for internal and soulful time for yourself
  • When you hear the word “Goddess,” something quickens within you
  • Boredom with the status quo of things, both locally and globally
  • Feeling insulted by the superficial definitions of women’s beauty
  • Nonconformity is calling out to you
  • Tired of being a victim and wanting empowerment
  • Knowing you’re here for a reason even if you cannot name it
  • Feeling stripped down, vulnerable and bare
  • Your inner voice is saying: “Listen and trust me!”
  • Discontent with the outer façade of your own deep interior
  • A desire to dance, sing, paint, or write
  • Nature is calling you
  • Yearning to express your Mothering instincts
  • Deep in your heart, you believe in Magic
  • Something inside you is bursting to be Free!

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Join Sianna Sherman for the Goddess Yoga Project

It is my wish for each woman to step into her power and collectively cast a circle of sisterhood to embrace and support each other. Women need each other. Women can help each other untie the knots of each other’s hearts. And women have tremendous courage and inner resourcefulness. Bonded together in our true power, women can even stop wars. It is our sacred duty, as women, to call in the rise of collective power in service to each other and remember that our united leadership can heal the world. Together, let’s walk the path and call out to the world: Every woman is a goddess.

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Sianna Sherman is creator of the Goddess Yoga Project in partnership with Yoga Journal. She is the founder of Mythic Flow Yoga, a unique style of alignment-focused asana informed by ancient wisdom and myths. She leads teacher trainings and retreats around the world.