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Quiz: What's Your Dosha?

The three doshas of Ayurveda—vata, pitta and kapha—affect your health and well-being. Determine yours with this quiz.
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The following quiz will help you determine which constitutional influences, or doshas, are most prominently affecting your health and well-being. This knowledge will allow you to follow specific recommendations to bring your health into balance for your particular needs.

Please answer YES or NO to the following questions based on what rings true for you.

Section A

  • I have always been thin and gangly.  Yes  No
  • I lose weight easily and I have difficulty gaining it.  Yes  No
  • I prefer a warm climate and don't like wind and cold.  Yes  No
  • My hair tends to be curly and dry.  Yes  No
  • My skin tends to be rough and dry.  Yes  No
  • When under stress I tend to become anxious and/or fearful.  Yes  No

Section B

  • I have a medium build with medium bone structure.  Yes  No
  • I enjoy competitive activities and enjoy physical or intellectual challenges.  Yes  No
  • I prefer a cool climate to a warm one.  Yes  No
  • I dislike heat, especially humid heat and feel easily fatigued by it.  Yes  No
  • I have a sharp, aggressive mind.  Yes  No
  • My digestion and appetite tends to be strong and I get irritable when I'm hungry.  Yes  No
  • When under stress I tend to become easily frustrated, impatient, or angry.  Yes  No

Section C

  • I have a sturdy constitution and a large bone structure.  Yes  No
  • I've always been a little overweight.  Yes  No
  • I gain weight easily and have difficulty losing it.  Yes  No
  • I tend to have excess mucous.  Yes  No
  • My hair is a thick and lustrous.  Yes  No
  • My energy and stamina are consistent.  Yes  No
  • When under stress I become withdrawn, unmotivated, and resistant to change  Yes  No

If you answer YES to three or more statements in section A,
you have a primarily vata constitution.

If you answer YES to three or more statements in section B,
you have a primarily pitta constitution.

If you answer YES to three or more statements in section C,
you may have a primarily kapha constitution.

If your answers are split between two or three of the sections,
you are bi- or tridoshic.