What's Your Money Type?

These money archetypes are a way to help people tease out the factors that might be affecting their financial life on an unconscious level.
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Truth: We’re all funny about money. That’s because each of us comes to our financial life with our own unique experiences. These in turn condition us to respond to money in certain—and sometimes peculiar—ways, says Brent Kessel, a financial advisor and yogi who created the money archetypes below as a way to help people tease out what might be affecting their financial life on an unconscious level.

To determine your type (most of us are a combination of at least two), check the characteristics in the “You are ___” column that best describe your emotions and behavior around money. Be honest, keeping in mind that no type is inherently good or bad. “While [these characteristics] can show you where you’ve got room to grow in your financial life, they can also show you where you’re succeeding,” says Kessel. Once you know your stronger and weaker suits, you can find balance between the two. “Similar to how we don’t want to only build arm strength in our asana practice, it’s important to round out our financial practice by working on parts that are underdeveloped,” says Kessel.

After you’ve figured out which archetypes predominate for you, try the practices Kessel offers to help you accentuate your strengths, tamp down your weaknesses, and find more ease and contentment around money—the secret to experiencing a fulfilling financial life.