6 Ways to Keep Skin Healthy this Winter

Keep your largest organ healthy all season long with these nutrition and Ayurveda.
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Skin Soothers
Ayurveda's ancient remedies can keep your skin smooth and supple all winter long.

Slough It Off
Gentle Ayurvedic exfoliation can be a soothing part of your skin-care regimen.

Winter Warmer
Warm your body from head to toe, and calm overwrought vata, with an Ayurvedic massage.

Use this warm-oil self-massage to balance vata dosha and to help keep warm during the winter months.

Good Enough to Eat
Would you nibble on chemical preservatives? Then why put them on your skin?

Dressed for Winter
Gently cooked veggies go easy on your digestion and in turn keep your skin looking fresh during the cold season.