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Year of Horse Brings Action + Change

This Chinese New Year corresponds to Vedic predictions for action and change. Learn how to align your yoga practice and harness the power of the season.

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Make a wish, and see it come true. The Year of the Horse begins today with the new moon (Jan. 31 in some locations).

This new moon coincides with the Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year, and zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius are emphasized. Vedic/Jyotish astrology tells us this new moon transits hard-working Capricorn, while Western astrology says it crosses visionary Aquarius. What does all this mean for you?

FREEDOM: If you’ve been feeling stuck, have faith. The Horse will be galloping into greener pastures this year, encouraging you to align with the unconventional vibe of the Aquarius sun-new moon. Shake off limiting beliefs—and if your plans for the future seem unusual, don’t worry. Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) has a reputation for quirky behavior; it’s the only planet to rotate on its side! Champion the unorthodox. Innovators, idealists, and oddballs—get ready to shine.

ADVENTURE: Does a change of scenery resonate for you? The Year of the Horse beckons you to take that gorgeous trail you’ve never been on, and then treat yourself to an exotic cocktail at that off-the-beaten-path bistro you’ve been wanting to try. Oh, and is your passport up to date? I ask because some sultry stranger may summon you to visit foreign soil this year.

DECISIVENESS: Procrastinators beware. Horse year demands decisive action. And be 100% sure about your choices, too. (No pressure, right?) But what if you’re not totally sure? Then it’s wise to pause because events may move so quickly in a Horse year that you can find yourself careening off into the sunset—and wind up in Shanghai! Check in with yourself, and trust yourself; you’ll know what’s right.

PRACTICE: Horses are heroic because historical battles were won (or lost) based on the brawn and agility of these majestic creatures. Harness the energy of this Horse year by using yogic practices to stay strong, and you’ll be ready when opportunity knocks. Some suggestions:

High Lunge: With one foot back, and the opposite knee forward, this asana gives one the appearance of being ready to take off, out of the starting gate. That could be why some schools of yoga call this Horse Rider’s Pose. Use this pose to strengthen yourself for the wild ride of 2014.

Natarjasana (Lord of the Dance): The new moon’s transit through Aquarius highlights the ankles, while Capricorn correlates with the knees. This pose focuses on both these joints, which keep us steady and stable—important qualities to embody as we’re exploring exciting new things. Lift the back knee high, then reach back and grasp the ankle (instead of your calf or foot). Feel balanced, and trust your innate ability to make smart choices.

Camatkarasana(Wild Thing): You make my heart sing—and as your chest is expanding in this deep back-bending pose, remind yourself that freedom and power are yours for the choosing during Horse year.

Fortify body and mind with these practices, and you will be poised to make the right moves during this year of unprecedented good fortune. In the end, trust your gut and let your instincts lead you.

Diane Booth Gilliam is CEO of her life; and president of Yogastrology® Yoga Meets Astrology, a consulting and yoga teacher-training company that uses planetary cycles and sun-moon rhythms to counsel individuals and educate yoga teachers how to pick “best times” for laser-focused yoga practices and happier, more successful lives—in sync with the incredible power of nature. Visit Yogastrology® website here