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YJ Tried It: SukiShufu's New 'Technical Velvet' Yoga Clothes

Velvet is making a comeback in fashion right now, but can this runway trend really perform on the yoga mat? We gave it a try.
The Hustle Black Velvet Leggings.

Velvet is making a comeback in fashion right now, but can this runway trend really perform on the yoga mat? We gave it a try.

Velvet yoga attire? Sounds kind of sweaty and sticky, but London-based luxe activewear label SukiShufu says their new Technical Velvet collection is perfect for practice—even hot yoga. We were intrigued.

"It's a technical fabric that's a little more dressed up, a bit more glamorous and show-stopping, but you don't lose any functionality," says the brand's designer, Caroline White, who is also a yoga teacher and an ex-gymnast. "It has a perfect fit with two-way stretch, and it's pilling resistant with excellent coverage—no risk of see-through."

SukiShufu's Technical Velvet collection, which just launched this month and consists of sexy leggings, tank tops, crop tops, lounge pants, and more, is certainly fashion forward, especially compared to pieces you would typically wear to a yoga class (velvet was a huge trend at Fashion Week last month, White notes).

Plus, SukiShufu claims the pieces are also functional. The fabric has built-in UV protection (SPF 50), which White calls "perfect for yoga al fresco." And all of the Technical Velvet pieces are made of LYCRA® SPORT fabric, which absorbs sweat and allows for its natural evaporation. It also has a really soft "handle," which is fashion-speak for touch or feel.

Just don't describe White's creations as athleisure. "I prefer sports luxe or sports fashion," White explains. "It's not just a completely technical look. It's heavily fashion-focused with no compromise on performance. When worn out to dinner or during the day, it doesn't look like you're wearing activewear lifestyle pieces."

YJ Tried It

We tried SukiShufu's The Hustle Black Velvet Leggings ($140), and they're definitely fashionable enough to wear beyond the yoga studio—sexy and comfortable, too. At a hot yoga class at Modo Yoga NYC, we didn't appear to be any sweatier than our fellow yogis who were NOT wearing velvet (although we did wonder if we would have been a tad cooler in our trusty old lululemon leggings). The Dusty Wine Black Velvet Racer Back Crop ($115) also felt sexier than your typical yoga attire, but kept us cool during class and offered snug support.

The price point for SukiShufu's Technical Velvet collection is at the higher end, with pieces ranging from $100–$195, but that's because everything is manufactured in London, White explains. "The brand is a very strong believer in supporting British manufacturing," she says. Worth it? If you want to show off your fashion savvy in class and have leggings to wear out to dinner afterward, sure.

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