Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body

Awakening the Inner Body gives readers the opportunity to share the encouraging and insightful teachings that Donald Moyer’s students have enjoyed for years at the Yoga Room, the Berkeley, California, studio Moyer founded in 1978. It’s a comprehensive guide to yoga in the Iyengar tradition. And as the title suggests, Moyer’s detailed instructions focus on internal alignment and energy. Try one asana exactly as it’s described, and you’ll want to keep going.

The intense concentration produces a practice that is deeply therapeutic yet fully challenging. For example, it takes awareness and a great attention to detail to locate the xiphoid process—a section of cartilage near the end of the breast bone—to move three parts of the sternum, or to spread one collarbone at a time. This might sound like more work than it’s worth to some, but Moyer assures yogis that the simple intention or attempt brings a deep release in each pose.

Yoga: Awakening the Inner BodyRodmell Press

is an illuminating guide that will give intermediate and experienced practitioners a working understanding of the complexities of alignment from the inside out.