Yoga + Brunch? Yes, Please

A trend we'd like to see: Yoga brunch! One DC studio is doing it right.
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Waffles, bacon and eggs, strong coffee, Bloody Mary's, mimosas: These are just a few of the highlights of a typical Sunday brunch. Delicious, but not exactly the kind of replenishment you might be craving after a great morning flow class.

At least one studio is merging the social tradition of a leisurely Sunday brunch with more healthful fare fit for yogis. “Brunch doesn’t have to be eggs and bacon and maple syrup all over your face,” Washington, DC’s Yoga District founder Jasmine Chehrazi told the Washington Post. At her studio, a 10:30 am Sunday class is followed by a communal meal downstairs at District Tea Lodge, a restaurant that serves vegetarian and vegan fare and "mindful" drinks that follow Ayurvedic principles. “The food cleans the inside and yoga cleans the mind,” Chehrazi said.

Both Exhale and Core Power host outdoor classes and brunch at some locations during the summer months, and yoga and brunch has become a popular pop-up event. But District Yoga's event is the first we've heard of that happens weekly year-round. We like it!