6 Steps to Prepare for a Yoga Conference

Attending your first or 100th yoga conference? Know what you need and what to expect with these yoga conference tips.
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Attending your first or 100th yoga conference? (Get your tickets for Yoga Journal LIVE New York, April 21–24, now!) Know what you need and what to expect with these tips.

1. Pack your yoga gear.

Do you need to pack your mat? If you're not sure what will be provided, call ahead. Consider bringing any other props you use regularly at home. Write your name in large letters on the front of your mat. Not only will you minimize lost props, but teachers, and fellow yogis, can easily read your name.

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2. Research the teachers and sessions offered.

Many teachers have written books, produced videos, and maintain personal Web sites. Delve deeper into a teacher's philosophy or background to help you make your class selections and to familiarize yourself with teachers once you have.

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3. Come prepared to take notes.

Conferences provide you with new ideas, poses, even yoga jokes. A notebook, pen, and smartphone can all be useful tools. You can draw little stick figures of poses or sequences that you want to practice back home, or snap a photograph of yourself with your favorite teacher.

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4. Respect those around you.

As much as teachers want to answer each student's personal questions, they are sometimes held hostage by eager crowds after class. Be sensitive to the needs of the teacher and other attendees.

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5. Take risks and try new things.

If you're a die-hard Ashtangi, here's your chance to practice restorative yoga. Practice vairagya (nonattachment) if you find yourself no longer interested in a particular teaching style.

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6. Make time for yourself.

By their nature, conferences are stimulating. Do things to nurture yourself. Take walks, meditate, even skip a workshop and check out the setting or the yoga market.

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