Yoga Diary: Welcome Home

It is one thing to have a yogic mind-set in the studio, but it’s quite another in the hypercompetitive world of Orange County, California, real estate. I

once thought that to swim with the sharks I needed a row of razor teeth, but everything changed one Sunday. I was holding an open house, still floating from

my morning yoga class when, reflexively, I greeted a woman by joining my palms together and saying, “Namaste.” The woman didn’t know what it meant,

but when her face lit up, I realized it was my intention she was responding to.

Forsaking books on aggressive sales strategy, I decided to use my yoga practice in real estate. Remembering the Bhagavad Gita’s wisdom on offering up the

fruits of action, I instituted a policy of self-surrender, focusing entirely on serving my clients instead of my own financial wants and needs. Taking a cue

from the cozy environment of a studio, I used scented candles and world music to create soothing open-house experiences. When posting real-estate signs, I

became mindful of my posture, and should my poor navigation skills take buyers on “the scenic tour,” I used resonant breathing to calm and

recenter myself. Although focusing on service instead of sales actually increases my business, my main joy is knowing that the properties I have sold now

house happy families, birthday parties, and yoga poses. Home is where the heart is, but thanks to yoga, I’m reminded that the heart also makes a wonderful