Yoga For Chickens: Relaxing Your Inner Chick by Lynn Brunelle.


Chronicle Books.

It is evidently time for these familiar barnyard fowl to have their moment of samadhi. The multi-talented Lynn Brunelle, who has had a creative hand in projects ranging from the board game Cranium to the TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy, has written and illustrated this tiny book, designed to "lead you along the poultry path of self-awareness" and help you ponder "being and chickenness." Besides the cornball humor, though, Brunelle provides (very brief) instructions for doing several dozen poses, including "Wingstand," "Rooster's Sunrise Salutation," and "Boneless Chicken Pose" (more familiar as Corpse Pose). A harried-looking but willing chicken clucks through all the poses, and the net result is an entertaining take on modern yoga practice for those of us who must transcend fear, a limited skill set, and a diminished sense of self in order to even think of attempting something new.