Yoga for Moms: 4 Reasons to Take This Course

Mother's Day is coming up, and what better way to reward yourself for all you give and all you do than a yoga course devoted solely to you and your needs?

Mother’s Day is coming up, and what better way to reward yourself for all you give and all you do than a yoga course devoted solely to you and your needs? From helping you re-assess who you are now to rebuilding your core, here are 4 reasons to take Janet Stone’s Yoga for Moms course when it launches on May 11 (enroll now).

1. It’s a gift for yourself.

This course is a gift for you, not for anyone else. It’s about self-nourishment and getting back in touch with you — just you. You didn’t disappear — it’s about finding that person again and discovering who you are right now. Motherhood changes you — the person you were before might not be the person you are now. Parents tend to have an “I used to” list of what they did before kids, but what’s real now? Do you still need to mountain bike for five hours every Saturday? Maybe you do or maybe you don’t — this course will help you re-establish who you are in this new reality.

2. You’ll improve the quality of your attention.

This course is about creating or cultivating some time for yourself so you can nurture others more compassionately, with more care. You’ll have more to give — more attention, more focus, more patience. If you’re feeling depleted, you have less patience, less tolerance, less ability to actually focus on your kids.

3. You’ll re-engage with your pelvic floor and your core.

In a standard pregnancy and vaginal birth, the amount of loosening that happens in the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor catches many women off guard. This course will help you re-engage your pelvic floor and understand that it is a safe place, which may also help you regain desire to connect with your spouse or partner. This course will also help you open up the upper back, where moms tend to do a lot of rounding, hunching in, and rolling inward due to carrying children and nursing. It will also help you increase your leg strength to help you feel steady on your own feet, in your own stance.

4. You’ll model self-care for your children.

We all want to teach our children the importance of self-care, and what are we modeling? This course will help you focus on your own needs, your own health, and boost your own energy level.

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Mom-asana of the Week: Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana) with arm extension.

Come into a Low Lunge, right knee forward, with your back toes curled under. To start, interlace your hands high up on your right thigh. Use the traction of your arms to lengthen your torso. If this feels OK, unlace your hands and bring your right arm behind you, and allow your hand to slide down your left thigh. Lift your left arm up and extend it toward the sky, aligning your upper arm with your ear. After 3–4 breaths, in which you allow your heart to open to the sky with each inhale, switch sides.

San Francisco-based yoga teacher Janet Stone started her practice at age 17. A student of Max Strom and meditation teacher Prem Rawat, Stone teaches vinyasa flow at events around the world. Her new kirtan album with DJ Drez, Echoes of Devotion, hit number 1 on iTunes’s World Music chart this year. Stone has two daughters and offers this advice to moms: “Motherhood offers infinite lessons in the realms of surrender, empowerment, grace, mistakes, and patience, and then some more patience—as well as the endless unfurling of transitions and change. Practicing yoga amidst this adventure can support us in myriad ways to find our center.” Learn more about her upcoming course, Yoga for Moms.