Yoga in Health Care: Flexible Strength and Vitality Through the Joint-Freeing Yoga Series with Mukunda Stiles and Holly Minor


Yoga Therapy Center; 3585 19th St., Boulder, CO 80304; (303) 442-7004; VHS; 26 minutes.

This presentation focuses on the Joint-Freeing Yoga series of movements, which was developed by Mukunda Stiles, director of the Yoga Therapy Center in Boulder, Colorado, and author of one of the definitive texts on yoga therapy, Structural Yoga Therapy (Samuel Weiser, 2001). As Stiles writes in that book, the series is designed to "move each joint gently and systematically through its full and natural range of motion...[to] enhance joint mobility and...relieve joint pain and stiffness."

The series consists of 22 simple, asana-based exercises, which work their way up through all the joints of the body from the feet to the head. Though illustrated in the book (and by Stiles in the video) with the practitioner seated or kneeling on the floor, the series can also be performed standing, lying faceup, or sitting in a chair. Along with Stiles, the video includes three other models of varying ages and physical conditions to intelligently show the wide application of these exercises. Holly Minor, who narrates the series, is the founder of Yoga in Health Care, a certified yoga teacher, and a clinical social worker. This video will certainly be of interest to yoga therapists and to teachers working with disabled or senior students.

Contributing Editor Richard Rosen teaches public classes in Northern California. He is also the author of The Yoga of Breath: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pranayama.