4 Yoga Leadership Retreats Every Yoga Teacher Should Consider

Looking to brush up on your leadership skils in a fabulous locale? These yoga leadership retreats will having you kicking ass—at the office, at home, and wherever you roam.
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These yoga retreats will help you brush on your leadership skills in no time.

There’s something magical about getting away and unwinding. Whether you take a 24-hour flight to an exotic locale or opt for a staycation at your city’s hippest new hotel, nothing beats feeling refreshed and clear-minded after a few days of R&R. These days, retreats that combine that repose with tailored leadership trainings are helping to boost performance and personal growth at top companies like Fortune and Apple. But you don’t need to work for a huge corporation to brush up on your leadership skills in a fabulous setting. These four retreats prove that with a little yoga, mindfulness, and some specialized training—getting away can help you embody the leader within—at home and at work.

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