The Yoga of Childbirth: Tara Stiles Shares Baby Daisy’s Birth Story

Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles shares how her practice contributed to her pregnancy and recovery and the benefits a baby with a yogi mom receives. (Read: Good vibes galore.)


Moving with ease in every moment was the intention Strala Yoga creator Tara Stiles set for her pregnancy and the birth of her now two-and-a-half-month-old daughter, Daisy. While the timing was a bit “scary,” Stiles says she was thrilled when she learned she was pregnant. “We’d been trying for a while and when we found out, we were headed for an Asia and European event tour, literally the next day, so I was a bit nervous for all of the flying and hectic scheduling so early on in pregnancy. I took a test just in case while I was packing, and there I was, pregnant.” She was fine for the first week of that trip, but says “morning/all-day sickness kicked in big time for the rest of it. It was a challenging trip schedule-wise—even not pregnant—so all of the yoga of staying easy in my body and mind came in handy.”

Her own practice helped, “a ton” throughout pregnancy, she says. “After the first trimester, I felt great and continued to travel through the late fall. We had a program in Berlin and London, and it felt so great to be with everyone and move every day in a way that feels so good. Also, I loved being around the super positive community. This baby got a ton of good vibes right from the start.”

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Stiles continued to benefit from her practice during her recovery from labor, she says. After two days of the “mega insanity” of labor, “I felt pretty banged up in the beginning, but after a week, I was ready to get back to the mat and do some extra-gentle movements,” says Stiles. “After two weeks, I was feeling almost back to normal, well enough to feel great moving every day. We continue a morning ritual every day now, that I did when I was pregnant with Daisy. She hangs out on my mat on a blanket and we meditate and practice. She usually gets in a pretty blissed out nap and smiles a ton. I wonder if she remembers doing that when she was on the inside.”

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Being mindful of herself, her husband, and her baby has been another key to a positive childbirth experience, and new chapter for her family. “It’s important for me to be really present and patient with myself, with her and Mike, and enjoy this time we all have together,” she says. “I organized my life so I could be with her for several months and just soak it all in each day. We’re incredibly lucky to be able to do this. When I start back up again with events and things she’ll be coming along for the ride. I am excited for her to meet her friends all around the world. I hope she likes to travel!”

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