Yoga to the Rescue

In this instructional DVD, Desiree Rumbaugh presents familiar yoga asanas for the beginner yogi afflicted with usual aches and pains.

Yoga to the Rescue: Feel Good from Head to Toe with Desiree Rumbaugh. Acacia;

It used to be the cavalry that would ride to the rescue, but today it seems that yoga is in the saddle. Who needs to be

saved? According to Desiree Rumbaugh, it’s the beginner yogi afflicted with the usual aches and pains in areas of the

body such as the neck, lower back, shoulders, knees, legs, and wrists.

In this instructional DVD, Rumbaugh’s first, she presents familiar yoga asanas, such as Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Virabhadrasana I, II, and III (Warrior Poses I, II, and

III), and Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose), plus

asana-based exercises. Rumbaugh, an Anusara Yoga teacher who lives in Arizona, introduces the 20 or so parts of the

sequence, giving brief explanations of how each series serves to alleviate certain conditions, what the sources of

those conditions are, and how to make small adjustments on the fly. Along the way she provides a constant stream of pep

talks and insightful hints.

Rumbaugh has trained in both the Iyengar and the Anusara Yoga systems; her knowledge is evident in her clear

instructions and keen awareness of alignment. Her physical practice is inspiring, and her application of yoga as

therapy is spot on. Rumbaugh and fellow teacher Andrew Rivin serve as shining models for the audience. The background

music may be distracting to some, but otherwise this is a great presentation, appropriate for beginning yoga students

in need of rescue and a little healing.