Flow to This: Trevor Hall’s New Album, KALA

Is your practice playlist getting stale? Good news: Yogi-musician Trevor Hall's new album just dropped. Unroll your mat, cue up a sequence, and listen to it right here.

Is your practice playlist getting stale? Good news: Trevor Hall’s new album just dropped. Grab your mat and listen to it right here.

We’ve been fans of yogi-musician Trevor Hall since the beginning of his career creating wise-beyond-his-years music inspired by and to inspire yoga practice. (He played at Yoga Journal LIVE! Colorado in 2008!) Released today, the latest offering from this young musician, who once told YJ he sees each song as form of worship, had us at Track 1. (Just listen.)

Already number two on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart, KALA (a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “time”) is about time as a teacher, healer, and friend, he says. “Kala is a very important project for me, and the journey of making it has had a profound and humbling impact on my life,” Hall said. “I hope you enjoy it. Go get it! Go share it!” We did—just for you to flow to this weekend.

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Listen to Trevor Hall’s New Album: KALA

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