Pure Luxe

In the most recent evolution of the modern yoga studio, Hong Kong’s Pure Yoga has teamed up with New York—based Equinox Fitness Club for its first U.S. venture—a 20,000-square-foot deluxe yoga center offering, among other things, more than 120 classes spanning 10 disciplines each week.

Pure has set the standard for the modern yoga studio in Asia, with locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taipei—all uniquely hip, urban, and luxurious. Like those studios, the Upper East Side location, which opened in late June, boasts a design created with the help of a feng shui consultant. A vertical garden converts the street-facing wall into a living green mural; there are four group studios with floors made from sustainably harvested palm wood; and the men’s and women’s changing rooms both feature 18 showers.

The concept, explains Paul Boardman, chief design officer for Equinox, is intended to support a yoga practice. In addition to the well-appointed studios and wide range of classes, the design itself fosters a transition from the bustle of the world outside into a calm, nuturing space. This is achieved through the use of natural materials and nature-inspired features such as fountains, and through lounging areas that encourage members to stay and relax. “We envision Pure Yoga as the first and preeminent yoga-platform opportunity to deepen and broaden your experience,” Boardman says.

Pure is a membership-only studio; members pay a $400 initiation fee and $140 per month for unlimited classes.

“We want members to feel like they’ve entered into a community. They should feel safe and encouraged and be able to express and explore,” says Lisa Hedley, Pure New York’s creative consultant. “Our motto is ‘Many practices, one intention.’?” Boardman says more studios are also a possibility.