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Yoga Trends

Share Your Opinion: Spring Rituals

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Read what YJ readers had to say:

As a middle school assistant principal, I always look forward to the onset of spring. When my students and I return from spring break, I always take the time to remind them that spring is here and that it’s time for a fresh start and to realize what they have grown into over the past year. I clean out my desk. They clean out their lockers. And we remind ourselves to keep our school looking as fresh and clean as the world outside is beginning to look with the daffodils blooming just beyond the school door.


When the weather starts to warm up, I start doing more vigorous morning yoga as well as switching to a raw fruit breakfast instead of my cold weather breakfast of ‘heavy on the veggies’ omelets.


My spring time ritual is get out into my yard and work in my garden. It is always so exciting to see the signs of renewal as new flowers and growth emerge from the earth.


I always purge my home and habits. Getting rid of clothing I no longer need or want, getting rid of food I no longer eat – clearing the fridge & cupboards of hazardous foods – and clear and clean any clutter in my environment and my mind. Meditation regarding renewals and focusing on the heart are paramount in the spring. I’m starting that new regime today with the new moon and solar eclipse.


cleaning out my house and eating light food; drinking a lot of fresh juices and going to bed very early….. increasing on more vigorous yoga practice earlier in the morning


My springtime rituals consist of a “spring cleaning” for my closets (donate clothes to a local charity), my house (clean & organized homes, lead to clean & organized thoughts), my body (seasonal fasting), & my mind (developing & reconnecting with my dharma).


I’ve been eating smoothies for breakfast and lunch for three weeks now—a fruit smoothie in the morning (about 32 oz) and a green smoothie for lunch (also about 32 oz). I feel more energized and no more energy slumps, no craving for junk food. Victoria Boutenko’s book Green for Life has great recipes! After a week I was already getting compliments on looking younger, and I can feel how my body responds to the live food energy. :)Other than that—walks on the beach, spring cleaning, getting rid of clutter, planting lettuces and herbs for daily harvesting. Dressing in brighter colors. Intention—to start incorporating toning in my daily self-care. Learn about over-toning and circular breathing. 🙂


Light candles outside and give thanks for the nurturing, resting and renewal of winter and welcome the cleansing and rebirth of the earth. Sit in quiet reflection and meditation during this time.


I start drinking herb teas and eating veggies that are known blood purifiers: dandelion, burdock, watercress, red clover…


I grew up on a farm and every spring my family would have a “sighting of the first robin” picnic when the robins would migrate back to the area. If it was still extremely cold outside (we lived in Minnesota) then we would have the picnic on the livingroom floor and look out the picture window at the bird feeder. It was a tradition my mom had done as a young girl. Now with both my grandmother and mother gone from breast cancer, I have carried on the tradition with my college roommates and will continue when I have my own family.


My ritual is bringing the hose out from the shed, and along with a bucket, a scrub brush, and some non toxic cleaner, I spend the first WARM sunny day cleaning our deck within an inch of its life. Up here in Beautiful Maple Ridge, British Columbia, we can experience sunshine and warmth, but still have a view of the mountains all covered in snow. We can see the mountains from our deck, so having dinner out there, all clean and tidy, with the mountain view, is our first real feeling that Spring is indeed here!


Besides the regular spring cleaning (or winter purging), I try to get outside for long, thoughtful walks. I know this will be the calm before the storm of summer sports, gardening, lawn upkeep, etc., so I take long walks, breathe deeply, and enjoy the cleanliness of spring.


I schedule a cleansing fast every March. I used to schedule 40 hours of solitude w/meditation, but don’t find this necessary since I retired and am able to meditate every day.


On the first really warm day of spring, I take off my shoes and walk barefoot around my neighborhood on the warm sidewalk. Time to start toughening up my feet for summer barefoot season!


I always recommend a “Feng Shui Attack” for spring….Clear out the clutter, rearrange some furniture, add a new color and some flowers…and make sure all the windows sparkle!


Every spring during the first heavy rain, I go out and watch spotted salamanders and wood frogs march to their vernal pools! I take my children too.

Om shanti,


I like to clean out closets in my house and place fresh pictures in my photo frames.


Since I live in a part of the country that has cold long winters I can’t wait to get out and see the croci coming up and pull out the dead foliage, clean out the ponds and restock the fish in them. I also love having the windows open again and smelling the fresh mountain air. I just love spring… it is so romantic that I’m getting married tomorrow.


Many of my springtime rituals revolve around the celebration of Easter. This year, my husband and I have signed up for a four-day Holy Week/Easter retreat at a Benedictine Abbey. I also love to get a few new pieces of clothing, which reflect spring—including my yoga wear!
On a smaller scale, I bought my first ice coffee of the season at a local coffee shop today—it’s a small but fun marker of celebrating the warmer temps!


The traditionalist in me always chooses spring as the time to clear away clutter and to donate clothes, books, and other household items to local women’s shelters and other places where they can do some good. Then I clean the house from top to bottom, opening the windows as soon as the days are warm enough to allow it so the house and my spirit feel lighter and airier, both figuratively and literally.