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Yoga Trends

Share Your Opinion: Yoga Style

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Read what YJ readers had to say:

I enjoy all styles of yoga. It depends on my mood and what I need that day to determine my practice.


I primarily practice on my own, and I enjoy attending a variety of classes in different styles and from different teachers and piecing together my own mix of my favorite or most valuable ingredients to create a yoga that is right for me.


I have committed to practicing Ashtanga Yoga more than any other yoga style since it also gives me the cardiovascular challenge and the effort keeps me focused.


I practice the Sivananda style of Hatha Yoga. I have tried other styles in the 9 years that I have practiced, and none of them leave me with the balanced mental and physical feeling that Sivananda does.


I used to avidly do ashtanga yoga, until our guru left. For two years I tried boxing, but I became more violent. Then just last April, I tried Bikram yoga. Instantly I felt more flexible, peaceful, and cleansed. I went back to Ashtanga to try it again, but I still leaned more towards Bikram yoga. I now dream of becoming a certified instructor in it.


Anusara is Awesome!


I practiced several styles, including fitness center yoga, until I settled on Iyengar as the correct blend of meticulous detail and spirituality that suits me.

—Carol Ann

I have chosen to practice Iyengar yoga to have a stable well alligned base and I practice Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga as more of a physical challenge when I want an intense body workout.


Some days I need to stretch and restore (Hatha) and some days I need to energize (Vinyasa).


I practice Bikram yoga daily.


While I am still exploring other kinds of yoga, as I come upon them, I am finding that Hatha Yoga seems to meet my needs best. Its gentleness is a good antidote to the running I do.


I have been studying with a living Yoga Master, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati for over 30yrs. She created Kali Natha Yoga, which means the original yoga as taught by Lord Siva. Every asana is its own moving puja (prayer). It’s own meditation. With over 100 asana’s it is truly a yoga that I have dedicated my life to. I am also one of the Senior instructors.

—Laxman Das Jaya, Yoga Acharya

I have practiced poweryoga for 6 months now. I am very pleased with this style, because it combines fairly tough work with a meditative practice.


My spiritual path has led me to shed labels. In my opinion, of all places that labels need to be eliminated it is in yoga. My hope is that each individual would bring their very own unique style to the practice. Namaste.


I have sampled a number of styles and found Power Yoga to be the very best solution to the problems I currently am working to solve.


Some days my body just needs a vigorous vinyasa class to energize; yet other days I seek out more restorative hatha poses. Or at times, I may focus only on Pranayama or even the more philosophical components of yoga such as ahimsa, foregoing asanas altogether. It is precisely this all-encompassing nature of “yoga” that keeps me engaged on some level every day. As my moods and needs fluctuate daily, so, too, does my yoga style.


I have committed to integrative yoga therapy as primary for me, however I include vinyasa, hatha and kundalini also in my practice.


I have fallen in love with the light of Anusara yoga.


I practice both hatha and kundalini yoga.


After studying and practicing Iyengar Yoga fro 15 years I practice whatever I need for a particular day, choosing invigorating, restorative, or just flowing with my energy of the moment. The Iyengar principles of alignment and awareness are always present for me.


I am an eclectic sort of person. I just do what poses and styles work for me. I have never been a “rule follower”. I even do Tai Chi as well…


There may be different reasons for not adopting one style. For instance I can only find a class that teaches iyengar yoga where I live but I practice yoga in the style that use to be knows as Viniyoga because it gives a better workout for my muscles because its involves movement and is less static than Iyengar. I also sometimes do sun salutation from Sivananda and Ashtanga yoga because they help to warm up my muscles and get my heart rate up and improve my cardivascular health.


I practise ashtanga yoga only, 3 or 4 times a week. having done so for 2 yrs my energy levels are very high and feel very strong inside and out! I’m 51.


I primarily practice Ashtanga yoga, complimented by Yin and mindfulness meditation.


I practiced Ashtanga yoga for a year and a half. I honestly don’t know what I ever did without it. It has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I am more myself and at ease with the comfort of knowing and learning more about myself. It’s a god-send.


While the studio I am currently training in claims to focus on Hatha and Raja Yoga in it’s public classes, the teachers (and teacher trainees) know the importance of integrating each into our everyday lives as they were in ancient times. The great yogis of old never would have divided these into “styles” because the tree of Yoga is a whole and each “style” of yoga is based on one or more of the limbs. It is very difficult to reap the full benefits of something when you are only partially integrating it into your life. I wouldn’t dream of personally doing anything less than fully integrated yoga. Yoga means union, on every level.


I tailor the different practices of yoga to my individual needs. to me, this makes sense. we are not a one-size-fits-all universe, so adjusting to the individual works for me. As i change and grow, i anticipate my yoga practice will also.