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Listen Up: Summer 2015 Yoga Playlist for Teens

Yoga teacher Maggie DiPasquale say music is essential for setting the tone in teen yoga classes and offers tips for choosing songs that move teens.

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Yoga teacher Maggie DiPasquale says music is essential for setting the tone in her teen classes and offers tips for choosing songs that move teens. Get inspired by this summer playlist she created for YJ.

Setting the right tone—both instructionally and musically—is often key to making a teen yoga class a hit. “Music is so important. It’s a personality thing and such a reflection of who you are,” says 27-year-old yoga teacher Maggie DiPasquale. “I only want to move to music that moves me.” And based on all of the questions she gets about music in the Vinyasa flow classes she teaches in New York-Tri State area studios, the teens she teaches are right there with her.

“I go out of the box,” DiPasquale says. “Music can be a catalyst to opening the door to how you’re feeling about things and getting honest with yourself.” For a taste of how she inspires teens’ flows, explore her public Spotify yoga playlists organized by season. “I can go back through them and remember a challenge I was going through or who I’d met or broken up with at the time,” she says.

For a crowd-pleasing teen yoga class, DiPasquale says she likes to break the ice with Katy Perry. She suggests looking for acoustic versions of your favorite pop songs like Justin Bieber’s unplugged Where Are You Now and covers by cool, indie musicians like Angus and Julia Stone’s rendition of Sam Smith’s hit Stay With Me. “I use Kundalini music during breathing exercises,” she says. “Mantra music by artist, Snatam Kaur is great.”

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Summer 2015 Practice Playlist for Teen Yogis

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