Muscle Recovery: 2 (New!) Foam Rollers to Relieve Tension

Roll out the sore spots and recover quicker from your practice with one of these yoga essentials.

More yoga classes are starting to use foam rollers, a favorite muscle-soothing tool among runners and bikers, to help students further target their stiff spots. Here, two new options that have a lot of tension-relieving potential:

Restore by Gaiam Dual Foot Roller

This foot-long textured roller (pictured below) is designed to give your feet some love. You can pick either a muscle-releasing cobbled texture or gentler lines ($20,

EvoFit ensō Roller

Adjustable discs slide on and off an aluminum tube, so you can put pressure where you want it (IT band or shoulders) and away from spots you don’t—like the hip bones or spine ($69,

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Enzo foam roller