Yoga with Thomas: A Vinyasa Practice with Thomas Michael Fortel

Original:; 73 min.

Fortel is a well-respected fixture at Esalen Institute near Big Sur in Northern California. He has a keen understanding of proper alignment and the subtler dimensions of the poses; provides intelligent, simpler alternatives for some of the more challenging poses; and delivers his instructions in a literate (when's the last time you heard the word "contiguous" on an asana tape?), authoritative, yet welcoming and confidence-inspiring voice.

Here he teaches vinyasa—one of the most popular forms of asana practice in the West—which links individual poses through a Sun Salutation-based flow sequence. The hourlong practice is divided into five sections: warm-ups; Sun Salutations A and B; standing poses; backbends and sitting forward bends and twists; and Corpse. The standing poses are performed in the vinyasa style; the rest aren't linked together. Recommended for experienced beginners and intermediates.

Contributing editor Richard Rosen teaches yoga in Northern California.