Yoga, with Claire Missingham.
Claire Yoga;

This vinyasa yoga DVD consists of 13 sequences, each with a different theme and most with appealing names such as Rainbow Warrior, Shining Stars, and Shiva’s Dance. The themes themselves are sequenced from start to finish, opening with Sun Salutation and standing poses, moving to inversions and backbends, and ending with seated poses and restful inversions. You can run through the entire set of sequences for a long practice or select any number of them and design a shorter one. The DVD also includes a pair of short morning and evening practices, constructed mostly from snippets of the main program and a short demonstration of possible modifications for some of the sequence’s poses.

Missingham, a yoga teacher in London, is a wonderfully creative vinyasa-ite. She’s worked as a choreographer and has spent time studying Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Her instruction is fairly minimal, but it’s clear—this is mostly a follow-along program—and her modeling is impressive, displaying both strength and flexibility. This is a well-rounded vinyasa program, with material that will suit both beginning and intermediate students.