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Why Yoga Teacher Rina Jakubowicz Went Vegan

Yogi Rina Jakubowicz decided to go vegan to honor ahimsa. Learn how she lives a vegan lifestyle through supplements and maintaining a healthy diet.
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Yogi Rina Jakubowicz decided to go vegan to honor ahimsa, the practice of non-harming. Learn how she lives a vegan lifestyle through supplements and maintaining a healthy diet.

Yoga Journal:Describe your approach to eating well?
Rina Jakubowicz: I’ve learned that eating well is very personal. It’s not one formula for everyone. The way I eat well is in two ways: I eat for what’s healthiest for my body and I also eat for what makes my taste buds happy. There’s always a balance.

YJ:What impacted your decision to become vegan and how did you make that transition?
RJ: I was vegetarian for years and honestly, when I met my boyfriend –who’s vegan- I said “why not?” It’s better for the animals and it’s better for me. I told myself, “let me try being vegan just for today.” And every day after that I said that until it just became my new lifestyle.

YJ: What’s the biggest challenge for you in being vegan and how do you overcome that?
RJ: Nowadays with all the vegan alternatives it’s easy to eat junk food. So, I have to make sure I get enough balance of healthy foods, too. It obviously helps to take some supplements so I get my nutrients, but I like to make sure I get it from my food as well.

YJ: Can you walk us through your daily supplements and how they add to your health & wellness?
RJ: I take my biotin for my hair and nails, my vitamin B12 for some energy and a healthier nervous system, my Vitamin D3 just in case I don’t get to be in the sun long enough for my bones, some iron, and my vegan super pill that has a whole mix of multivitamins and minerals.

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YJ:How does being vegan support your yoga practice, both from a physical and psychological standpoint?
RJ: Being vegan supports the yoga principle of ahimsa – nonharming. There’s a reason people say ignorance is bliss because once you become more conscious, you can’t deny certain truths and realizations… hence supporting the harm of animals is just not something I can be a part of anymore. Plus, physically, my practice has advanced as well. My body is more limber and stronger because of it.

YJ:Finally, what message do you have for non-vegans on how to support the dietary choices of their loved ones?
RJ: It’s not personal. And make it easier for them in dinners and events. Remember that they are making a hard choice to stick to this lifestyle and any support they can get by those closest to them is so appreciated. Being considered with vegan options or even just asked “what do you want me to get for you” is so thoughtful and goes a long way. Especially since we usually get the opposite response.

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