A Yogi’s Guide to San Diego, Part 2


Whether you’re a SoCal native or a yoga tourist joining us for Yoga Journal LIVE!, check out this three-part guide to the town’s top stops for yogis. It's just T-minus 3 days before YJ decamps in San Diego for serious yoga, supplemented by worthy distractions like beachfront dining and discounted on-site shopping (expect 40+ vendors with countless awesome finds!). So we've asked three teachers from our partner studios what they love about this yoga town. (Not one of our partners yet? Sign up here.) From nightclubs to a Taoist Sanctuary, San Diego is having its own Zen moment. See it through locals' eyes.

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Desiree Hughes translated a heated passion for holistic health into challenging, inspiring flow classes known for being as eclectic—and warm—as her home state. A teacher since 2011, Hughes currently has five classes a week on the schedule at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga, which (fun fact) started out as a bookstore. Here’s what the spirited instructor said about finding the most wholesome living in this SoCal city:

1. Where should we practice in San Diego?

Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga, of course. Neither the Normal Heights or North Park locations have mirrors, so you can focus less on ego and more on the spirit!

2. What outdoor spots around town are most special to you?

Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach

3. Where do SD yogis go out?

U-31 in North Park is an awesome bar/nightclub that has the best music to dance to! Many yoga instructors dance the night away there.

4. Any food finds not to be missed by our health-conscious crowd?

I'm really aware of what I put into my body, so for fresh-squeezed juices I likeSenor Mangos in North Park. It's tucked away, almost a hole-in-the-wall little business that serves delicious juices and açai bowls. People's CO-OP in Ocean Beach is a member-owned co-op that features organic, non-GMO food locally sourced with an amazing vegan deli upstairs.

5. How about natural beauty fixes?

I always go to Disconnected Salon in North Park. They have a hair-care line that is biodegradable and made with essential oils that makes my hair look and feel amazing and also feels good for the body since it's chemical-free.

Stay tuned to Namaste for more yogi-insider tips before we hit the road for San Diego. Want to meet us there? Use promo code YJLOCAL to save 20%!

Meagan Dobson