A Yogi’s Guide to San Diego, Part 3

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Whether you’re a SoCal native or a yoga tourist joining us for Yoga Journal LIVE!, check out this three-part guide to the town’s top stops for yogis. It's just T-minus 2days before YJ decamps in San Diego for serious yoga, supplemented by worthy distractions like beachfront dining and discounted on-site shopping (expect 40+ vendors with countless awesome finds!). So we've asked three teachers from our partner studios what they love about this yoga town. (Not one of our partners yet? Sign up here.) From nightclubs to a Taoist Sanctuary, San Diego is having its own Zen moment. See it through local yogis' eyes.

Timothy Schultheis isn’t satisfied with the status quo. Teaching for almost a decade now, the owner of North Park Yoga has a new pet project: leading free yoga classes in the city’s brand new central library later this year. But that’s not all. He’s extending the invitation to blind and deaf students. “I opened my classes up to this population because I firmly believe in making a yoga practice available to people who would otherwise feel left out,” Schultheis says. His class will emphasize giving the non-seeing ample instruction, and when needed, Schultheis, who has years of sign language experience, can also teach in American Sign Language. Find out where this man—with such keenly aware senses—suggests stopping in San Diego to om like the locals.

1. What’s the perfect location to take your practice outdoors?

The mountains in the San Diego area are home to meadows and forests of oak, cedar, and pine, with many places that are ideal for hiking, meditation, and asana practice.

2. Are there any local treatments we shouldn’t miss?

The sensory-deprivation of float therapy at Float Spa San Diego or the famous Chopra Centerwith its Ayurveda spa, workshops, and retreats.

3. What if we have a day and want to stretch our brains and bodies?

Find a school related to the healing arts including: Pacific College of Oriental MedicineMueller College, andThe Natural Healing Institute. And take try complimentary practices of Tai Ji & Qi Gong at the Taoist Sanctuary.

4. Other noteworthy SoCal pastimes?

The farmers' markets—they’re everywhere!

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Meagan Dobson

(Images courtesy of Sharon via Flickr (cc), sandiegomarkets.com, and Timothy Schultheis)